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When East meets East

in Good Vibes, we provide a perfect synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. This is what we meant by "East Meets East".

If we say the common definition of "science" is molecules based, which is strictly material, then the ancient oriental medicines such as TCM and Ayurveda are based on analogies. The sun rises signifies, or governs the robust, masculine energy within our bodies, where the nigh fall entails the reclining masculine energy, leaving a natural energy crevasse to be filled by the feminine, Yin energy. Oriental medicines recognize natural patterns, and draw analogies within human bodies. The world starts with two opposite, yet perfectly complimenting forces, just as the universe pertains the invisible black hole (Yin, the hidden power) and the continuous formation of stars (Yang, the visible force).

Analogies can go on: for example let's look at various water activities and how they affect the earth, mountain, terrains, whether excessive moisture being trapped and at whereabout. Nature shows us everything, it is up to the wiseman to formulate an answer and use it to improve human conditions. In this case, when certain people, having certain body constitutions consume too much water than they can effectively metabolize, health ailments occur. Seven cups of water is not for everyone, :)

In a way, the western science wisdom is tangible where the ancient medical scientists incorporated a large amount of philosophical, yet highly practical knowledge. We cannot compare an apple with a pear so let's make a deal to stop comparing the Western and the Eastern science, after this ice-breaking blog post! Come join us to discover your body constitutions (pretty much stable from birth to death), aka "dosha" in Ayurvedic medicines. Good Vibes practitioners will customize every treatment, based on your body constitutions. We will also look at various aspects such as diet, lifestyle, work and emotions. As such, the single most frequent feedback we receive is, "well, I don't know what it is, but it works!".

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