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Our Holistic Services

Healing Your Body and Soul

Intuitive Counseling

Ayurvedic Medicine, RMT

Sports Rehab

Emotional Imbalance

Depression & Anxiety

Internal Generalist

Facial Rejuvenation

Pre/Post Operation Care

Gynaecology & Pediatric

Emotional Well-being

Hormone Balance

Stress Release

Family / Couple Energy Balance

Sound & Vibrational Medicine

Herbal Prescription

A Personal Approach

Create synergy with Western meds

Economic granulas

GMP & ISO9000 Quality

“Since I tried Acupuncture with Arica, In 2 months, I have gained so much more strength and power in my body and my mental stamina. I was able to return to the gym (which was very difficult after my severe accident and multiple surgeries). By month three, I reduced my pain meds to 30% where before I had to take 24 pills that gives me severe bloating! Oh, did I mention my blood sugar is stable at normal range?"

Carmine V

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